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Crossing The Line Trailer Directed by Parvez Qadir Film Maker Nick Farrimond
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Watch the trailer above. Adapted from the Crossing the Line Theatre play, the film explores the dangers that vulnerable young people can face. Visit the official website here to watch the full film and request the resource pack.

Imran wants out. The gang want their debt paid. He’s always looked out for his little brother Haroon. But at this dangerous crossroads, where he’s put to the ultimate test, is that possible? Will he cross the line? 'Crossing the Line' looks at what it means to feel trapped with no escape routes.

Role: Director & writer. Filmed and edited by Nick Farrimond. Funded by Building A Stronger Britain Together, Arts Council & RMBC.

"This powerful film can be used as a powerful tool to prevent young people from being exploited."

Sajj Miah Community Cohesion, Resilience and Integration Manager, Rochdale Council

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