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New Girl by Parvez Qadir
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A short film on mental health/ online bullying within young students at a secondary school. The young people involved were chosen as they showed signs of not fitting in, being bullied or living with family who have mental health issues. The young people over a period of 6 months with support and care from myself and the the pastoral team developed a script called 'New Girl'.

The outcome was a powerful short film, created alongside the young people and filmmaker Nick Farrimond, which will be used in the PSHE curriculum. It also empowered the young people to address their own issues around mental health and showed them how to find support.

Role: Producer and director . Filmed and edited by Nick Farrimond, Funded by Falinge Park High and Unlocking Voices M6 Theatre.

"I started the project with low confidence but working with Parvez I slowly began to enjoy the lessons. I am so proud of everyone in my class and the filmmakers I worked with"

Chloe 14yrs.

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