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Central Rochdale

How has life been for you under Covid-19?

Life was a little difficult at first but as the days passed I started to get the urge to be creative again. I am a full-time Art teacher and my time is limited to be creative.  During the lockdown, I have been creating artwork and completing online courses to help me develop and promote my creative ideas and projects and make new contacts, within the art worlds. I have also started gardening which has been amazing because I have been able to create a beautiful space outside.

What is your chosen creative activity and explain why you have chosen to do this piece

I have chosen this particular piece as it relates to Covid-19 lockdown. The idea came to me at the start of the lockdown when people were going crazy about buying toilet paper. So my thoughts were that people should have enough toilet rolls to create such a beautiful piece of artwork.

This art piece is easy to create, only using basic art materials that people should have at home. These mandalas are also a nice gift to friends and family and a beautiful memory of this crazy time.

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