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How has life been for you under Covid-19?

It's COVID 19! A name this time last year none of us had ever heard of. Obviously, no one ever thought the world could be brought down on its knees in a swift…

It was abrupt, unexpected, sudden, instant and destructive…

The global hemisphere is presently sitting on gun powder, unsure when the explosion will happen…
Realistically, the struggle for survival, urge and zeal to stay alive remains the ONLY THING keeping us going…
We have locked down, washed hands, abstain from social gathering, kept social distance, isolated, quarantined and others…
In reality of this, the only means to stay alive is to remain alive…  We say thank you to our NHS Heroes and Key Workers for fighting to save our lives. 

Our thought and prayers to those who lost their Family and Friends during the global pandemic. We thank God that we are all at ease on COVID-19 Stay Alert Save Lives.

What is your chosen creative activity and explain why you have chosen to do this piece


Cultural Music and Dance. I am a cultural ambassador, a traditional music and dance coach also promoting cultural identity in
diaspora. I choose to perform because is an act of thanksgiving to our maker for sparing our lives to witness this day.

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