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How has life been for you under Covid-19?

My initial view of the virus changed when I contracted Covid at the end of March. I went from blasé, this will be over soon, to actually, this is serious. Our family of four self-isolated vigorously for at least 3-4 weeks and only ventured out once a week to food shop. Week 6/7 onwards we relaxed a little.

Time we spent at home gardening and reading in the sunshine, cooking, playing music, walks and instructing hubby on DIY tasks.

What is your chosen creative activity and explain why you have chosen to do this piece

I've always enjoyed photography and capturing memories. usually, my photos are of family, friends and gathering, which is depicted in the Pre COVID shots. As lockdown carried on, the photos are of just family in isolation.

Nature and wildlife came in to focus too as I now had time to watch and evolve. After about 12 weeks of lockdown, restrictions were loosened and we cautiously met up with family and friends under strict social distancing rules.

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