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How has life been for you under Covid-19?

I was furloughed from work and so began volunteering at the food bank, it’s been quite inspiring and humbling and I have met people who have become good friends now. It’s given me a chance to reflect on the important things in life like family! I’ve got back to my musically creative self again and I’m trying to cross off something from my bucket list - to write a full-length musical! So I’ve tried to make the most of this time and not dwell on the negatives too much.

What is your chosen creative activity and explain why you have chosen to do this piece

I have Written and Orchestrated a song called Someday Soon which is about the impact on the music and theatre industry during this time, something which has affected me and many of my friends. I’ve written a lot of songs before but never written for an orchestra, so it was a challenge. I filmed a music video for the song which was hard during Lockdown to achieve what I wanted alone. I wanted to capture how music and theatre has disappeared from our lives at the moment but that these performers are still there, waiting, full of energy and colour and that hopefully someday soon we’ll see and hear them again.

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