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A group of students were selected to be part of a project to raise awareness of underachieving boys, exploring the causes of disengagement from education, social pressures and lack of positive role models. The students explored sensitive and difficult topics such as domestic violence, conflict, community, identity ambitions and fears. The students were able to express themselves, write about their life stories and produce a powerful production which gave life to their voices.

‘Unseen Voices won at the ’Rochdale Diversity Awards winning the  ‘Breaking Barriers’ award for their inspirational play. As well The Best Community, Participatory or Education Project Award  from Rochdale Borough Sports and Culture Awards.  

Role: Writer/Director Funded by Rochdale Council

"What a celebration of young people expressing themselves, it was inspiring, heartfelt and powerful"
 Gilly Baskeyfield M6 Theatre Artistic director

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